What to Pack for Savannah

NATSA Conference

What to Pack for Savannah

Wondering what to pack for your NATSA conference trip to Savannah? Basically, it’s about being comfortable, beating the heat and coming prepared to enjoy all Savanah has to offer.  The weather in Savannah is moderate year-round with an abundance of sunshine. For most of the year, short sleeves and light layered clothing are all you need.


Summer in the South is the warmest time of year with temperatures often reaching the 90s. To beat the heat, pack shorts, sundresses, cotton shirts; focus on light, breathable fabrics. Keep your footwear simple with sandals or sneakers and don’t forget the sunscreen! If you plan to spend some time on one of the city’s rooftops, you may want to pack a sunhat. Many of Savannah’s accommodations also have pools so make sure to throw a bathing suit or two in your suitcase. No pool? No problem! Cool off at Savannah’s beach, Tybee Island, just a short 20-minute drive away.

Insider Tip: Afternoon thunderstorms are very common in the South because of the heat, so small umbrellas are great to have on hand.   Don’t fret, though, because these storms typically last just a few minutes.


Fall brings back the coastal breeze and mild temperatures. With highs usually in the 80s the days remain pleasantly warm so pack light layers, comfortable jeans, and oversized pieces. Savannah is a great walkable city, so ditch the car and lace up those comfortable sneakers and sandals. Fall nights are a little cooler so bring some layered clothing such as flannels and linens. This season is also a prime time for crisp outdoor tours, so you might appreciate a lightweight jacket.

Every Season

Although the climate varies each season, some things can be worn and used year-round. We recommend always packing sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and walking shoes. Savannah boasts a mostly casual vibe, but you may want to dressed up if you eat at a splurge-worthy restaurant. Lastly, we do occasionally get rain and clouds so check the weather beforehand so you can pack rain gear if needed.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Savannah next month! If you need additional conference info, go to https://mynatsa.org/natsa-conference/

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