USDOT – MCS – 150 Update


The FMCSA will no longer allow you to update the carrier’s FEIN online. In the past, it was possible to log into the USDOT and access EIN information to review or update.

It was confirmed with the FMCSA that their IT department has implemented a security change to the FMCSA system environment last weekend which resulted in the EIN/SSN fields being removed from your MCMIS record and masked from public view. This was done in an effort to protect your PI information.

In order to make changes to your EIN or SSN fields, a signed MCS-150 form will have to be submitted to the FMCSA and they will process this change for you.

You may access the MCS-150 at  and you can submit the completed request form through web link at or via fax at 202-366-3477.

How will this affect your staff?

Some state agencies will verify that the FEIN under the USDOT & State System match. If there are any discrepancies, renewals may be rejected until a completed MCS-150 is submitted.

As an example, the State of Nevada rejected a couple of IFTA renewals and now the remedy is to submit MSC-150 records to update the FEIN under the USDOT, before they will issue IFTA Decals and Licenses.

North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)

North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)