This was my 2nd year attending the NATSA conference. When I attended last year, I was taking everything in and just absorbing it. This year I was way more comfortable and interacted much more with everyone. Everyone (but especially board members) always makes us feel so welcome and make an effort to include everyone into conversations and activities.

Truckers Against Trafficking resonated with me and was very memorable. We are now seeking ways to incorporate this fine cause into our company and help raise awareness. Even though we all know this is something that is happening everywhere, to have it brought up to the forefront was jarring.

Bill Moyer was excellent and super informative and engaging and made us all think of our personalities, while at first I wasn’t fully agreeing with the assessment, once explained it made perfect sense and was a fun way to look at how we all think & act. It gave us some ideas on how to incorporate things with the rest of our team

I absolutely love the tone and “family” feel of the NATSA meetings. We are such a small group that attend these yearly meetings but the sense of community and support we receive from everyone, even if some are direct competitors is empowering and amazing.
If anyone should join an organization, it definitely is this one. It will not be a mistake or a regret!