Supply Chain Issues Affect Truckers

Supply Chain

Cargo ships sit offshore, especially in the west coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, waiting for their turn to unload leaving truckers sitting waiting as well. Even the east coast ports of New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Charleston, and Savannah are seeing unprecedented volumes.

What Does this Mean for the Holiday?

With the holidays just around the corner, the global supply chain is under immense pressure. Importers are being encouraged to consider alternative ports such as Seattle and Vancouver on the west coast and Florida on the east coast. Freight prices for these alternative ports, especially on the east coast, continue to rise, adding to already inflated consumer prices.

Driver Shortage Continues

The shortage of truck drivers is adding to the supply chain stress. The truck driver shortage was an issue prior to the pandemic. The gap is estimated to be about 60,000 drivers. Industry analysts point to younger workers gravitating toward warehouse positions. The hiring trends show that younger drivers are not entering the trucking industry at a rate high enough to compensate for those retiring from their positions.

Working Together to Solve Problems in Transportation

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North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)

North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)