Fleetworthy Solutions

Location: 5301 Buttonwood Drive Madison, Wisconsin, United States, 53718

Contact: Ethan Quimby  ethan.quimby@fleetworthy.com

Phone: (608) 230-8200

Website:  https://www.fleetworthy.com/

Services: 2290, Authority, Compliance, Consulting Services / Support, Consulting Services / Support, Consulting Services/Support, Corporate Tax Filing, Driver Compliance Management, Driver Qualification, Driver Training, Drug / Alcohol Collections, Drug / Alcohol Consortium, EPN (CA) Agents, Financial & Business Services, Fleet / Asset Management, FMCSA Clearinghouse Mgmt., Fuel Tax Recovery, Fuel Tax Reporting, Fuel-tax (IFTA) Software, Hazmat, Hazmat Permits, IFTA, IFTA, OR, NM, KY, NY Tax Reporting, IRP, Local DMV services, Log Book Auditing, Maintenance Management, MVR – Background Checks, One-time Trip Permits, OR, NM, KY, NY Permits, Oversize / Overweight Permits, Predictive, Prescriptive Maint., Registration & Permits, State Permits, State Property Tax Filing, State Registration, Technology, Titles, Training, UCR Filing, Audit Support, Mock Audit, SaaS Applicant Tracking / Recruiting, Data Analytic / Business Intelligence for Asset and Driver data, Custom Document Auditing and Management