NATSA Members Work to Help Resolve Rejection Issue


During the IRP Annual Meeting, NATSA members were approached by a few different service companies questioning why South Carolina had rejected some of the carrier submissions. Analysis of the rejected information did not show issues with the return itself, but did note a common trait – on each of the rejected returns, the mileage for one or more jurisdictions ended in a 5 or 0.

Our contacts at the South Carolina DMV, IRP and IFTA acknowledged the issue, identified as an “over correction” in their data integrity process. The clearinghouse system was rejecting these returns and asking motor carriers to provide the records proving these filings were correct. The process was similar to a mini audit just to get their return accepted.

NATSA members raised this issue in a discussion with South Carolina DMV, with assistance from IFTA and IRP, and it was agreed that the process was too stringent.  The data validation process is being updated to simply flag these returns for review. If the supporting information submitted appears to be inaccurate, then the carrier would receive further contact, but it would not result in an automatic rejection.

Thanks to the NATSA team for working together with SC DMV and IFTA and IRP to identify the problem and come to a resolution. Congratulations to the JAC team for prompt action reaching out to the right contacts and helping facilitate a resolution!


North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)

North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)