NATSA – A Collective Voice for the Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry

NATSA – A Collective Voice for the Transportation Industry

Our NATSA members are strong advocates for the transportation industry. We use our collective voice to help shape decisions that impact transport and fleet companies.

We all appreciate that change is constant. Rules and regulations are routinely reviewed and updated. Some of these are federal regulations; some are initiated at the state level. As an association for the transportation industry, we know how challenging it can be to keep track of all the requirements at each level.

When a state implements a new regulation that seems confusing or inconsistent with other legislation, we use our collective voice to raise those concerns.

An Example of Our Collective Voice

As an example of NATSA providing an industry voice for agencies and trucking companies, please read our communication regarding the weight distance tax (VMT) scheduled to begin January 1, 2023, in Connecticut.  Once you’ve read our letter, please forward to your associates in the trucking industry.  Also please consider using our letter as a template to create your own version and send it the state of Connecticut.  Each of us repeating the message amplifies our stance to those who make decisions.  We need your voice too!

Jurisdiction Action Committee

We hope this will help all members and prospective members see the value that NATSA brings to the transportation industry.

North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)