Member Spotlight – The Permit Shop

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – The Permit Shop

The Permit Shop has been an important asset to companies in the transportation industry for 43 years. The Permit Shop helps businesses stay on top of licensing, compliance and everything in between.

In June of 2020 Paul Jarvis retired, turning the business over to Padgett Smith. Padgett came from the insurance world and Paul was a great asset to The Permit Shop during the transition.

The Permit Shop offers a unique set of services to its 900+ customers. Customers range from small owner-operators to fleets of 400+ trucks. Their services include:

  • 2290
  • Set up of new DOTs
  • Motor Carrier & Broker Authority
  • Apportioned Plates / IRP Renewals
  • Permits
  • Bonds
  • IFTA and Quarterly Filings,
  • Safety & Compliance
  • LLC Setup

All of this accomplished by a small but highly trained and efficient staff of 5, each specialized in their own area but also cross-trained and develops  personal relationships with each client.

The Permit Shop is based in Springfield, Missouri, a trucking hub. This keeps the staff quite busy throughout the year.

When prospective clients first meet with The Permit Shop, they are educated about all of the services that Padgett and her team offer. They teach customers the rules of the game. Services are offered a la carte, so a motor carrier can choose assistance with any and all compliance requirements even if they are unable to fulfill in house.

Clients come to The Permit Shop through word-of-mouth. They provide a broad range of services, expert support, and top-quality customer service. They take care of all the details so drivers can stay on the road. Their exceptional service has opened the door to referrals which have allowed the business to grow.

In addition, as the client’s business grows, education in all services offered by The Permit Shop is important. The busier the client gets, the more they outsource to Padgett and her team and focus on their core business. Padgett and her team rely heavily on technology to be able to effectively service the large number of clients they have. Her team’s experience, friendly attitude, and straightforward service model have also encouraged growth and upsells.

Padgett is working on a blog and podcast (YouTube & Apple). This initiative is intended to be a conversational way of reaching clients with educational and informative material.

Padgett has been a NATSA member since she took the reins of The Permit Shop. The collaboration, education, and informative exchange has been of great value to her and her organization.

North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)