Member Spotlight – Celtic Systems

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – Celtic Systems

Celtic Systems is a professional and experienced product-based company focused on Motor Vehicle Administrations.  Celtic offers a fully integrated enterprise solution through the Celtic Transportation Services Hub (CTS-Hub™), that was built to satisfy the demanding scalability, flexibility, and security requirements of government agencies. The Celtic product line supports:

  • Business Management
  • Document Management
  • Cash Management
  • Learning Management

Below are some of the specific applications that are integrated into the CTS-Hub:

  • eServices (IRP, IFTA, PARS, CVIEW, Fuel Tax, OPA, Intrastate, Title, Registration, Driver’s Licensing etc.)
  • Incident Tracking and Resolution
  • Data Management
  • Real Time Inquiries & Reporting
  • User Management
  • Audit Tracking
  • Role Management
  • Correspondence
  • Full Featured Inventory
  • Workflow Management
  • Financial Management
  • Learning Management / Training

Each application can be offered standalone or integrated with other applications. Celtic products are extensible, offering pre-integrated solutions for motor carrier, motor vehicle, business management, employee & constituent training, and support desk operations. In addition to software development, Celtic also provides business process consulting, product implementation and training services, and ongoing support and maintenance. The CTS-Hub offers a holistic approach to transportation services, empowering jurisdictions by streamlining business operations, providing comprehensive, real-time access to accurate information, and enabling an unparalleled customer experience.

The Celtic training application (iLearn) is extremely flexible and can be customized for different courses and audiences. The product supports a variety of content delivery formats including text, graphics, audio, and video. Courses can be created with tests and the results can help identify knowledge gaps to help with additional training to aid in streamlining user efficiency.

Ove the last 5 years, Celtic has a adopted a mobile focus to help agencies push the business requirements back to the public. Some of the mobile technology improvements include the watch, voice input to the watch, as well as feedback, specifically for law enforcement. Other recent improvements include cloud technology and all its features and benefits – resources, security, etc.

Today Celtic has approximately 35 employees in the United States. All product design is done in the US with development activities in their India office with 150 employees for round the clock support.

Celtic applications are fully integrated, scalable, and flexible. The excellent support and maintenance they offer truly sets them apart. There are other vendors that offer some similar products such as IRP, IFTA, OS/OW however, the advantage in selecting a Celtic solution is that they offer all these products and many more. There are not a lot of vendors that offer such a comprehensive suite of tools. Celtic is a one stop shop for government agencies – truly a system modernization partner.

Celtic was founded in 2003 by President, Joe McCormick, and CIO, Samir Nayak. Both had their beginnings in the DMV world and decided to step out into software development specifically targeting government agencies across the US and Canada.

North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)