Member Spotight – Consultran

Member Spotlight

Member Spotight – Consultran

Consultran – Navigating Excellence in Transportation Services

Consultran, established in 1973 with Bob Sanft serving as the first full-time employee, originated as a tariff publisher focusing on freight rates. As one of Minnesota’s oldest service bureaus, it gradually expanded its services to meet evolving client needs. Bob, an integral part of the creation of NATSA, retired in 2022, and Ben Van Zee assumed ownership in the same year. Bob is still an important part of Consultran, routinely providing insight to the team on the history of the trucking industry.

Bob and Ben’s connection through the Minnesota Trucking Association laid the foundation for Ben’s acquisition of Consultran.  Consultran is focused on maintaining its reputation as being indispensable to its clients while modernizing its client experience and working towards continued organic growth and acquisitions.

Primarily catering to the upper Midwest, Consultran’s sweet spot is small owner-operators and growing fleets up to than 500 vehicles. Their service line-up includes:

  • Drug testing pool and clearinghouse assistance
  • Fuel and mileage tax and compliance
  • Commercial vehicle licensing and title services
  • Federal and state motor carrier authorities

Consultran is focused making their customers’ lives better by ensuring its customers understand what they need to do to keep their trucks on the road. Their clients appreciate the company’s commitment to ensuring consistent services, especially when customers are on vacations, holidays, or through personnel changes at the customer. Most new clients come from a referral, demonstrating the value Consultran provides to the carrier.

Bob was a distinguished speaker at the last NATSA conference, highlighting his commitment to the organization’s success even in retirement.

Consultran’s success is attributed to its client-focused approach and friendly approach. The company’s dedication is evident through each team member, who foster a positive culture and excellent relations with the clients. The company’s reputation is reflected in the significant number of referrals from other service bureaus for drug testing.

Consultran remains a reliable partner in the transportation industry, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and client satisfaction. No matter what state your business is located in, they can help you get the compliance paperwork off your desk, allowing you to focus on your core business.

For more information on Consultran, visit their NATSA member listing, their website, or simply call one of their friendly and informative staff at 651-482-1124.

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