Member Benefits


Regulatory compliance news, questions and issues come from many sources and often. With participating members in nearly every state and province, NATSA membership benefits include submitting and receiving timely news, issues, and questions. Our NATSA network allows each individual member access to the expertise of the group as well as a method to stay informed of news and issues across North America. All information submitted is archived for future reference and use, creating an unparalleled data bank of industry information.

As general questions, news and issues are submitted by members, they are posted on the NATSA website. Members are notified by email when to check the website for new information. Should time-sensitive information or questions be submitted, an immediate membership email distribution is sent.

Best Practices

To be a Best in Class Carrier or provide Best in Class Services takes proven compliance practices that integrate seamlessly with the business operation. NATSA accumulates Best Practice ideas and programs for NATSA members to learn from and incorporate into their business services.


Each state and province has unique procedures to navigate through their compliance process. NATSA has created a template of these processes, gathered the data from each state and province and displays the information in the format of a Library for each member to access. Included within each template is contact information that helps members save time and cut through the red tape of agency requirements. Members keep the data updated and current.

NATSA Network

Solving regulatory compliance issues often requires research and navigation into compliance agencies far from one’s local area. Usually, the issue is urgent and needs to be solved quickly. With NATSA members located throughout North America, chances are, there is a member located in the state or province you need to deal with. Contacting the local NATSA member offers you a resource to quickly get the information you need to resolve the issue. Membership provides each member with a network of resources to save them time and money.


NATSA publishes a quarterly newsletter that members can use and customize for redistribution. The NATSA Newsletter provides each member a quick and cost effective method to add value to their services by providing important and timely industry information to their clients.

About Members

NATSA is a great community of trucking compliance professionals dedicated to improving the industry. Often this shared commitment to excellence provides a bond where members become lifelong friends. NATSA provides an avenue to stay in touch and share personal news with your friends!

Trainings and Briefings

Being a professional industry service provider takes experience and continual education. Industry Trainings and Briefings is source of expert educational information. NATSA takes the information and provides members easy access for future reference. Materials come from many sources such as:

  • Each year, NATSA hosts a conference designed to share with members the insights of top industry leaders, present business opportunities and provide ideas for improving operations. In addition, attending members get the chance to network with their peers and have some fun at a great venue. Information from the conference is made available to members not able to attend.
  • Recorded trainings made available by state and federal agencies are also posted for easy member viewing and reference.
  • Members often attend local training events where they receive an electronic copy of the presentation and share the information with the entire group.