The mission of NATSA:

NATSA offers a platform for Education, Collaboration and Affiliation to all Transportation Professionals  willing to come together and contribute to the benefit of all members, the industry and government. While members may come from various segments within the transportation industry and may even be competitors, they each share the NATSA common core values of Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity. These values are paramount throughout the Association and are demonstrated in each member’s day to day business interactions with employees, customers, fellow NATSA members, industry and government partners. As each member manages these core values within their individual organization, elected Board Members and Officers have the additional obligation of upholding these values in the performance of their duties serving NATSA as an Association.

Class 1 Members are any reputable person, firm, partnership or corporation directly connected with or engaged in supplying the service of regulatory compliance to companies, drivers and equipment involved in the transportation of property or passengers by motor vehicle.  $250  U.S. funds

Class 2 Associate Members are any reputable person, firm, partnership or corporation engaged in the manufacture, production and sales of supplemental supplies and services to the motor carrier industry. $250  U.S. funds.

Class 3 Non-Profit Trade Association Members: Any legally formed, in good standing, not for profit industry trade association desiring to exchange membership status within their association for membership within NATSA and where the regular exchange of trade association membership information would mutually benefit both associations.

Class 4: Retiree/Transitioning Member: Any individual with at least 2 years of involvement in NATSA as a Regular or Associate Member who has retired from all employment or is in a transition employment status. $25  U.S. funds

If you are a transportation industry professional that shares the NATSA Mission and meets the NATSA Membership Requirements, we would love to have you join us!

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