CDL Testing Guidance Updated


The CDL test is a written general knowledge test required for anyone seeking a Class A, B, or C commercial driver’s license. This test is important because after successfully passing it, you can be issued a CLP (commercial learner’s permit).

Previous guidance from the FMCSA did not allow third-party testers to administer the CDL knowledge test. New guidance issued earlier this month will allow third-party testers to administer the CDL tests for all classes and endorsements. Trucking regulators are hopeful that this new guidance removes confusion over testing standards and helps deploy entry-level drivers faster.

Summary of All FMCSA Updates

In addition to the third-party testing guidance, the new Licensing Individual Commercial Exam-takers Now Safely and Efficiently (License) Act would also allow a state to administer driving skills test to an out-of-state CDL applicant regardless of where the applicant received driver training. Further, the License Act allows a CLP holder who passes the CDL to operate a commercial motor vehicle with a CDL holder in the sleeper berth. (Current regulations require the CDL holder to be in the front seat.)

This has a positive impact and provides flexibility for drivers working toward their CDLs. Reducing administrative burdens is an excellent step towards the goal of getting more qualified drivers behind the wheel.


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