2022 IRP Annual Meeting


The IRP Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity for all members of the IRP community to come together. This year’s session kicks off with a keynote Impactful Communication in a Super-Charged World: how can you improve communication in the toughest circumstances. Also included in the agenda are proposed ballots, regional discussions, and Dispute Resolution Committee procedure changes. Participate in this event, which both serves as IRP’s annual business meeting and an opportunity for many discussions of important IRP issues.

Reasons To Attend

By attending the IRP Annual Meeting you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable insights to improve communication in the toughest circumstances. Obtain proven techniques for top-notch communication skills in the face of emotionally charged situations.
  • Impact the future of IRP by providing input on any proposed ballots. Obtain information that will assist your jurisdiction in making decisions about how to vote.
  • Learn about IRP compliance issues through attending meetings of the Dispute Resolution Committee.
  • Discuss issues of common concern with your region during Board-led breakouts.
  • Participate in meetings of the Industry Advisory Committee, Peer Review Committee, and IRP Board of Directors.
  • For new staff, attend What’s “The Plan”?.
  • Provide input for plans for the IRP integrated audit exchange and IRP Data Repository (IDR) ad hoc reporting.
  • Make contacts you can call throughout the year for feedback about IRP challenges.

Keynoter Shelly Row will open the meeting by providing leaders valuable insights to instantly improve communication in the toughest circumstances. Click to download agenda for more information.


North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA)